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Youtrax TV News 1 American Idol, Ellen Degenerus, Northwest Pilots

Youtrax TV News 3 Susan Boyle, Oprah, 2012

Youtrax TV News 5 Tiger Woods, GLobal Warming, Sarah Palin

Youtrax.tv News 13 in HD cc This Week in the News Tiger Apology, Sarah Palin, Wolfman

Youtrax.tv News 11 in HD cc This Week in the News Parody , Taylor Swift, TIger Woods

Youtrax.tv News 9 in HD cc This Week in the News Parody Heidi Montag, Tiger Woods

Youtrax TV News 7 Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Mariah Carey

Youtrax TV News 2 Whitney Houston, Balloon Boy

Youtrax TV News 4 Tiger Woods, Sarah Palin, Octomom

Youtrax TV News 6 Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Taylor Swift

Youtrax.tv News 8 in HD cc This Week in the News Parody Tiger Woods, Jay Leno

Youtrax.tv News 10 in HD cc This Week in the News Parody , IPAD, Sarah Palin TIger Woods

Youtrax.tv News 12 in HD cc This Week in the The Jersey Shore, Sexy Girls in Bikinis, Oscars

Youtrax.tv News 14 in HD cc This Week in the News Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga Sea World

Youtrax.tv News 16 Let's Make Fun of the News-Tiger @ Masters, Jessica Simpson, HD

Youtrax.tv News 15 Let's Make Fun of the News-Naomi Campbell, Obama, GM, Mo'nique

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Youtrax.tv News 17 Let's Make Fun of the News-Jesse James, Miley Cyrus, Ricky Martin

YTTV News 18 Tiger Woods, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer,Times Square failed bomber


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YTTV News Parody 20 Justin Bieber, iPhone 4, BP Oil Spill, Miley Cyrus

YTTV News 19 Justin Bieber Tattoo, Lindsay Lohan, Tori Spelling, Bus Baby


In an unfortunate turn of events, my ex co-host has taken it upon himself to make rediculous false statements on YouTube that I am a scam artist and that I am only trying to take peoples money under false circumstances. This has hurt me deeply since I once considered him a good friend. All of us that know him and worked with him aren't sure why he's done this, but it's thought that the years of alcohol and substance abuse has altered him. If you have any doubt to my honesty, please contact me, and I will answer any of your questions.

YTTV News 21, Steven Slater, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Clinton

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