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Hi. About me. Well, after organizing and

 producing the Monkees conventions in

the late 80's I settled down in Hollywood

and started working as an actor. I

worked on several hundred different projects for TV, film commercials and Music Videos. I was a regular on China Beach the first season as well as The Trials Of Rosie O'Neil for two seasons . I was Sylvester Stallone's stand-in on Lockup and had a small part as a cop in Oliver Stone's The Doors. Did several Hunter Tv episodes as well as Unsolved Mysteries. I also costarred in a Rick Springfield video as well as Thunder Rolls for Garth Brooks. I organized an acting workshop in the 90s. However, in 1993 I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, a form of blindness and slowly gave up acting.

I love to write music, but have not been blessed with a very good voice. The songs that I've done tend to be more towards the ballad side. Along with Dwight, we hope to bring many of my tunes to a better production with much better vocals. Keep an eye out for them.

In 2003 I moved down to Lima Peru in South America where I reside with my wife Elizabeth. I continue working on my music.Check out my original songs on the link below along with my videos of The Bealtes which is my other passion in life.  

I try to get the word out for breast cancer awareness and have written a song dedicated to all those who have suffered from this terrible disease. Recently, I have been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. I hope to one day return to the states to recieve proper medical treatment, but due to finances cannot at this time. But I will not give up hope to return soon.


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