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Brittany Nicole singing "Sitting Waiting Hoping"

This exclusive performance for youtrax tv is Brittany Nicole singing an original song "Sitting Waiting Hoping" that she dedicates to her late grandfather.

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just in case THIS account gets suspended for some reason, i have made the account: BrittanyNicoleMusic as a backup page & also for my original songs!

Even though my "JOINED" date says 'March 8th, 2007,' i didn't start posting videos until December 26, 2007 when i got a camera for christmas :)

hey! i'm brittany nicole, i'm 15, & well, music is my life & i think its awesome to have something like YouTube to get your music out there! i'm NOT supposed to sound like the artists that i cover. Just to clear things up! :) But anyway, I believe that with each day my music skills improve, so some of my earlier stuff i have on here, to me, doesn't sound as good as my newer videos. But anyway, i'd appreciate support! :)
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Here is avery gifted girl that comes from the Boston area. She has a lot of promise and will absolutely blow you away with her talent. Here she shares her ideas on music and life and performs a special tribute song "Sitting Watching Waiting" and dedicates it to her Papa.


Brittany Nicole singing "This Time"

Here is a  performance of an original song by Brittany Nicole titled "This Time"

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