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Brittany Lee-Ann singing "Will You Still Love Me"

This exclusive performance for youtrax tv is Brittany Lee-Ann singing and Michael Everett playing piano of the song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow " by Carole King.

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Hi You Tube! I'm Brittany and I'm 14 yrs old. I started singing at 6 and taking voice lessons at 8. I dream about singing to the whole world for the rest of my life! I love singing, it gives me a way to express my feelings. I love acting too. I spend a lot of time auditioning, You may have seen or heard me in a part or two. There are so many great singers I admire so much. As much as admire them all, I want to be ME. I also love to write my own music. I take what's going on around me and put it into words and melodies. One thing I love about being a musician is sharing music with my friends who also have the same interests. Mike is an amazing accompanist & my Best friend. please check out his page!! RoadieWannaBe

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Here's a girl that does it all, acts, sings. She'll make you laugh and make you smile. And along with her best friend, Michael Everett, is sure to make it to the top very very soon. Here's a star in the making.


Brittany Lee-Ann