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David Sides perfroms "Yellow"

David did this exclusive performance for us titled "Yellow" by Coldplay

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A new sensational and versatile artist has emerged in the music industry, and his name is David Sides from Riverside, California. Musically known as "D-Sides" by many within the music industry, this highly talented and amazingly gifted, 24-year old pianist and composer is a self-taught musician primarily playing by ear.

Mr. Sides gained his initial musical inspiration at the tender age of 10, while listening to The Lion King soundtrack. "I've always had a thing for movie scores, but growing up with such a love for the sound of a piano, The Lion King's score was more soulful than those of many other soundtracks, and those sounds just stuck with me."

Ever since his performance of "Apologize" racked up over 4.5 million viewers on YouTube as one of the most-watched artists of 2008, David Sides has quickly become a national and international superstar, known for his unparalleled ability on the piano. Reminiscent of Stevie Wonder with flair, sellout crowds fall in love with David for his God-given talent and humble personality.

Dubbed as "Mozart Gone Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B," David has played live in 2008 at such venues as Playboy Spring Break in Mexico and colleges such as Columbia University, as well as at Cal Lutheran University, located in Thousand Oaks, CA, the University of North Carolina-Pembroke where over hundreds of fans showed up for the one hour performance on Valentine's Day, and recently Louisiana State University.

David also performed at Visage Nightclub in Minneapolis, Minn. on Saturday, November 24, 2007 with an attendance of 700+ fans. Mr. Sides performed several of his highly popular musical renditions of chart topping songs such as the smash hit, "Buy You a Drink," originally performed by Florida based artist "T-Pain". He also played his increasingly popular version of the new hit single "Bed," originally performed by Washington, D.C. based vocalist, J. Holiday.

David's personal renditions of today's popular songs are truly a work of art, and have caught the attention of national recording artists such as, The Shop Boyz, Jordin Sparks, and Musiq Soulchild, whom all previously has featured Mr. Sides' rendition of their respected song on their official MySpace pages. David has also received raving reviews from many other talented artists both signed and unsigned, local and national, as his passionate, piano driven, musical renditions serve as an inspiration to a new generation of music lovers who truly understand and appreciate David's unique individual artistry.

With as many as 32 million total views from fans around the world, David is continually working on perfecting his God-given talent, as well as writing, arranging, and producing new music that he hopes to share with the rest of the world. David's main musical statement reads, "In order for me to produce a winning result that compliments the way music is to be heard, felt, and internalized, I feel I must raise the bar on artistry from every level imaginable, while establishing a new lifestyle around music."

David has also been featured in several music based news publications such as, The Cove, an online music magazine dedicated to informing others of new artists on the rise in the industry. He currently boasts over 65,000 registered fans on his official MySpace, Face book, and YouTube musical movement web pages.

Officially released in February of 2008, David's first album, "The Collection-Volume I" has received excellent recent reviews on the internet retailer iTunes. With a total of 18 recorded full tracks, the album is something you surely will listen to over and over again. The album is available internationally below as well as online digital retailers Snocap, Rhapsody, and iTunes.

Stay tuned for David's new website for more information about him and his music, projects, and up-coming events. As well as a late 2008 release of David's second album, "The Collection-Volume II", hopefuls speculate an album that surely will have you feel the passion from the highly anticipated album. Coming out with a 15 track cover for your enjoyment. You can be sure this album will be another hit, song after song.

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We are extremely happy to bring to you one of the  most popular and talented   artists   from Youtube.  David   Sides has generated   more than 64 Million views of his videos on his channel! That is the equivalent of 1/5 of the population of the US. None less impressive is his charm and down to earth manner. HE talked to us about his music and his life in Southr California. He also honroed us with and exclusive performance of the Coldplay hit "Yellow". His music has been described as Mozart meets Hip Hop. If you aren't yet a fan, you soon will be.