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Jasmine V  singing "Live Your Dreams"

Popular Disney artist Jasmine V sings "Live Your Dreams" for this exclusive Youtrax Performance.

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At 15 years old Jasmine Villegas doesnt look like a diva. But that changes as soon as the girl who stands 5 feet, 5inches tall grabs a microphone and unleashes a voice that could rival the greats. The San Jose native has been wowing crowds across the country as she prepares for a promising career thats ahead of her. Now based in Los Angeles at the heart of the music scene, Jasmines defined sound has been compared to such celebrated songstresses as Alicia Keyes and Whitney Houston.
Hi everyone my name is Jasmine Villegas and I'm a 15 yr. old singer originally from San Jose, California. I love to sing, dance and perform.. It's my life and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I wanted to share some of my videos with you and I love to hear what my fans think ... Hope you all enjoy!!

I get asked alot about my ethnicity, I'm half filipina and half latina. =)

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At age 15 Jasmine V is   already  a seasoned veteran having performed on both television in sitcoms to singing the national anthem at major sporting events. This young talented youtuber is already planning a huge career having worked with such industry giants as David Sides, Baby Bash, Bryan Michael Cox and Jermaine Dupree.