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Kevin Bazinet singing "Hallelujah"

This exclusive performance for youtrax tv is Kevin Bazinet doing "Hallelujah".

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Hey sup' all! I'm Kevin Bazinet Singer/Songwritter from Montreal (QC/Canada). I am 17 years old. I've been putting videos on youtube since I'm 15, I started with the account Warpten14 and now I made this one for you to see how my carreer is going! :) I'm now Recording my first album, actually I'm working really hard but I know it worth it so just stay tuned to my channel I'll let you guys know how everything's going! :)
An excellent musician with an outstanding and melodious voice, this young and attractive singer-songwriter was still only a child when his beautiful love story with music began.

Born on June 14, 1991 in Mont-Laurier, in the Upper Laurentians, Kevin Bazinet says he was literally "projected into the world of country music as a young boy". Raised by a singing and guitar-playing father and a singing mother who have supported him throughout his journey, young Kevin probably started singing before learning to talk.

He first stepped on a stage at the tender age of five, performing his favourite song in front of an audience of about one hundred. Having enjoyed the experience, Kevin continued to sing, more specifically on La Chicane's albums, while strumming his dad's guitar. "I didn't know I had talent, and I was trying to find out where I belonged," explained Kevin. At nine, with a friend, he formed a duet in which he was the guitarist, and began playing electric guitar while turning to the world of punk. When his parents separated, Kevin wrote his first song, in French. He was then eleven. The following year, with the help of his father, the young songwriter started performing regularly on the stage, at a local venue.

After two years of performing, at the age of fourteen, Kevin made quite an impression at the Concours de la Relève, a rising talent contest held in Mont-Laurier, by winning second place, but especially the "Show Favourite" prize from Jonathan Painchaud, of the group Okoumé. Jonathan also offered to share a songwriting session with him. Kevin wrote his second song, Si tu m'aimes. This was followed by two years of work on music and experiencing various styles. Between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, Kevin posted videos on YouTube, which became so popular with fans from around the world that he had to close down his account due to lack of time to answer all his fan mail.

In the summer of his sixteenth year, Kevin met a young girl and wrote a third song, this time in English, which he performed with his first two compositions at his second Concours de la Relève. And he kept on writing... The twelve songs on his first album, Mystery Love, recall each step of this love story that has since ended.

Now living in Terrebonne, Kevin often performs in clubs, cafés, festivals and schools. "My references are mostly Jesse McCartney, Gavin DeGraw, James Blunt and John Mayer. I grew up with Elvis Presley. They are the ones who have inspired me," says the self-made young man with a rare natural talent, who has chosen to sing in English because, as he points out, "it enables me to work my voice with more emotion".

"What I prefer is writing songs. After thinking it through, I start with a few lyrics. What does music represent for me? A sense of freedom, releasing my feelings and my emotions. I write for others. A good song is one that others will make their own because it expresses what they have lived through, what they feel." Through personal and assertive lyrics, the young singer-songwriter conveys his own values, such as honesty, loyalty, and passion, as well as the will to challenge himself and to fulfill his dreams. He is a wonderful source of inspiration for all his fans, who are mostly from the young generation.

Kevin Bazinet has set his sights on an international career, and his second album is already on his mind. This time, the concept will be his life and career paths, with a focus on passion, love of music, and dreams.

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Girls are going wild for this young Canadian from Quebec. He'll soon become a favorite of yours once you hear him sing.


Kevin Bazinet