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Whitney Steele singing "Last Love"

Whitney Steele sings an original song titled "Last Love" for exclusively

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Here is a new talent that will blow you away with her charm, talent and her bit of crazy energy. Already having won severalawards at the 2008 PhoenixMusic Awards, this girl isdestined for greatness.

Who is Whitney Steele? A question that gets asked a lot; an answer you would expect to be quite simple. Whitney is a dreamer and like most dreams they can seem so clear yet so hard to explain moments later. Whitney chases her dreams with a vigor and determination that can only be viewed as inspiring. Whitneys songs are born not just written. Her music is her heart, her soul, and her being. Shell tell you about her triumphs and her tragedies. Her desire is to move you, make you think, and help you feel. Whitneys music does just that!

Whitney is truly compassionate, honest, and believes people are basically good, but shes intelligent and savvy enough to negotiate her way through the entertainment industry. You need only understand that her music is her life but her priorities are her family, friends, and loved ones. Whitney embodies the old fashion values of strong work ethic, determination, and moral principles to make her mark in the entertainment industry. She wont push you out of her way to get ahead but she will pass right by you if you fall asleep at the wheel.

The entertainment industry woke up to Whitney when she was selected as 1 of 5 finalists from more than 300 AT&T/Cingular Music Studio artists nationwide to compete for a chance to perform "You Won't See Me Crying" on an episode of the hit show One Tree Hill on the CW television network. Gretsch Guitars selected Whitney to debut one of the four guitars in the Gretsch Americana series in her music video for 'Storm Warning'. In 2007, she was nominated for best pop single of the year for the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards. Her hard work didnt stop there. In 2008, she took Arizona by storm winning best singer/songwriter, best pop single of the year, and best music video of the year at the Phoenix Music Awards. She then took her show on the road and took home a nomination for best music video of the year at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

One of the biggest compliments in an artists career takes place when established artists begin to take interest. That happened when Scotty Johnson (lead guitarist of The Gin Blossoms) joined Whitney and her band on stage to perform at The Arizona Broadway Theatre. Robin Wilson (lead singer of The Gin Blossoms) lent his golden vocals in Whitney's song, "You Won't See Me Crying. Musicians, Scotty Johnson and P.H. Naffah (drummer for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers) combine their talents on Whitneys self titled 2nd album, due to be released April, 2009.

In the end, Whitney Steele is blue jeans and a guitar, she is pajamas with one part goof ball, and she is a smile and warmth that invites you to share in her dreams.


Whitney Steele

Whitney Steele singing "Sotrm Warning"

Whitney Steele sings an original song titled "Storm Warning" a Phoenix Music Award wiinner. 

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