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Hey... everyone.. i just wanted to tell u a BIG,BIG Thank u !!!
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Label Type: Unsigned
Band Members: me& my piano!
Influences: Stacie Orrico, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys,Beyonce,Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston..!!!
Sounds Like: Me ;-)
Country: United Kingdom
Website URL:


Angelica Vasilcov "Hallelujah"


Moldova is a small country near Romania. Today's special guest comes from that region and is currently  studying  piano at  the University at Bucharest in Romania. She talks with us today on life in Romania and her studies there with classical piano. She also shares with us her music. She does a piece by Beethoven entitled "Concert #1 in Cmaj". She also performs the songs "Thousand Miles" as well as a Leona Lewis hit "Run".She also talks about her most recent visit to Dracula's Castle in Romania, yes, he really did exist. This is a young lady that we know is soon going to be a superstar. After watching and listening to her beautiful voice, you won't be able to watch American Idol at all. She's simply so much better. Here is a talent that would win those competitions hands down.

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