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Copyright 2009 TinkerMusic is proud to bring you an exclusive young international artist, Lauricia. With a hip and exciting voice her song stylings are helping to define the future of music today. Sometimes haunting, this singers music will stay with you  long after listening to her music. We're also happy to present the world premier of a new song from her upcoming new album titled "French Tendancies".

Hi everyone! I'm Lauramarie, a young singer/songwriter who likes to experiment with different instruments and even languages! Music is my passion in life and I have written well over 300 songs and continue to write everyday.

I play guitar, violin, harp, piano/keyboards, accordion, hand-held percussion, mandolin, flute, etc. I have been heard singing in everything from French to Finnish.

I have recorded one full album under the name of Lauricia. This was a Spanish influenced album full of everything from Flamenco claps to Latin beats and guitar sounds. This album was formed with the help of the talented Jeff Leauby.

On this page, I am focusing on my songwriting and looking forward to creating a whole new fan base to showcase my songwriting skills.

My ultimate musical goal is to obtain a recording or publishing deal. I am also into collaborating with other songwriters and musicians.

Please subscribe to hear my new productions as they are made. All songs are protected by Copyright & Registration. You can buy many of these songs via Itunes, Target or CD Baby.

LAURICIA     "I Think Of You"

LAURA MARIE     "Mercy"

LAURA MARIE   "Rain On Your Parade"


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LAURA MARIE   "I Think Of You"

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