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Hello there! (:
So I'm just a 16 year old girl from San Antonio, Texas *Go Spurs!* , with huge dreams and a passion for singing and acting and so I recently moved to LA to pursue it! :) I'm also learning to play the guitar, but I KNOW I need alot of work. Haha =P

**My mom helps me manage my youtube and myspace. Idk how I'd be able to by myself, and I don't even have THAT many subscribers, lol**

So thanks so much for watching my videos and all your support means the world<3



**Recent accomplishment - Thanks to you my video views have recently reached over 3 million!!
I realize to the new subscribers, the numbers might not seem to add up or make sense to you so let me explain...My channel got deleted about 4 months ago. Youtube was nice enough to give it back along with my subcribers and my video views, but minus my 64 videos. I had to reload all new and some old videos but as we all know anytime we load a new video, the count starts back at zero. So I lost my momentum as far as average number views. But thanks to my wonderful subscribers, I'm once again picking up momentum!! Yea!!
Thanks guys!!
~God Bless

Record Label: none
Label Type: Unsigned
Band Members: Nicole Mauricio
Age: 16

Videos of Nicole coming soon

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On today's show we present Nicole Mauricio  in   our featured artist  segment. Nicole recently was an entrant in American Idol. She shares her experience with Paula  and   Simon. She also shares with us when she sang a duet with Alyssa Bernal. Nicole  also performs  an exclusive song for us titled "Don't Let Me Get Me".

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Nicole Mauricio singing "Unwritten"

This is the song she did for the American Idol audition. You asked for it, we posted it. Thanks Nicole!

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